RS #7, The "Striped Pajamas" Red Special by: D Guitars And Lutherie.

Golden Lion Guitar Number 3, Neck Through Body Design by: D Guitars and Lutherie

Here you see me pictured with 3 of my Golden Lion Guitars.

"The Sweep" Custom Crafted For Juan Galan by: D Guitars and Lutherie

D Guitars and Lutherie has been a full-service repair and manufacturing shop since 1988 serving South Florida 
with the highest attention to detail possible.
No job too big or small.

Millennium Falcon Bass by: D Guitars and Lutherie

The Superman Guitar and Amp and Several Red Specials by D Guitars and Lutherie.

Whether you need pickups replaced, new frets, a total refinish, broken headstock rebuilt, or just want a custom crafted instrument built to your exacting specifications, 
D Guitars and Lutherie can do it all, from acoustic, 
to electric, guitar or bass. 

D Guitars and Lutherie is also a fully authorized
service center for KMC Musicorp, Takamine, Charvel, Montana, Ovation, Applause, Hamer, Taylor, 
and GraphTech Hexpander systems installations.

The first Golden Lion, #1, by D Guitars and Lutherie, originally built in 1996, then restored in 2013 with new scale length, larger neck profile, and upgraded hardware, including a Stetsbar bridge.

Headless, Fretless Explorer-style bass by D Guitars and Lutherie.

Me with 2 Golden Lions, #1 on the right, and #2 on the left.

Golden Lion #4, semi-hollow body design by D Guitars and Lutherie.

5 String Fretless Hollowbody Fin Bass, Fully Contoured and Toneful, by D Guitars and Lutherie.

Golden Lion #3, Neck through body design, by D Guitars and Lutherie.

Call to setup an appointment to tour the shop and see some of the custom crafted instruments, ranging from Brian May copies, to a most revolutionary guitar called the Fin, 
designed for the utmost in playing comfort 
and ergonomic balance. And ask us about our custom crafted Millennium Falcon guitars and basses, as well as our custom crafted cigar box guitars, ranging from wild, decoupage designs, to more traditional styles.

I look forward to providing you the best service you have come to expect from a dedicated craftsman. 

To experience one of these custom guitars in action
enjoy the free video.

To set up an appointment, 
please call:305-896-1811

Thank you very much and I look forward to working
with you soon. Ask about our intervallic intonation adjustment
system that ensures perfect intonation all the way up and down the neck for unparalleled performance!!

Yours truly,

Doron Markowitz
Master luthier

Doctor Who GuiTARDIS, Custom Crafted by D Guitars and Lutherie, in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

Wacky Packster Cigarbox Guitar by D Guitars and Lutherie.